Eagle Park Pop Up Leash clinic July 23


We will meet in Eagle Park near the intersection of E Floyd Dr and E El Dorado Dr. The clinic will last two hours. PARTICIPATION IS LIMITED TO TEN DOGS!

If you have a reactive dog, you're welcome. I will teach you how to control your dog and give you a starting point for training and getting better. Leash reactivity is a major problem, and it's usually not too difficult to overcome with the right handling skills and knowledge. 

DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG ON A CHOKE CHAIN, PRONG COLLAR, OR SHOCK COLLAR. They are not allowed. Let's actually learn how to train your dog and handle your dog in a humane way that doesn't SUPPRESS behavior but TEACHES better behavior. If you want help and know there must be a better way, then you have found it. 

Space is limited to 10 dogs and handlers. Observers are welcome to come with you and stand to the side. You are welcome to bring lawn chairs for yourselves and PLEASE, bring water and a bowl for your dog. It's going to be a warm summer evening. 

If your dog is aggressive/bite risk, please put a muzzle on your dog. Muzzles aren't mean, they are keeping your dog from getting into the kind of trouble they can lose their life for. It's kind. If you need suggestions or help with the right type of muzzle, message me for help. 

You do not need anything other than your dog, a flat collar that will not slip off their head or a martingale collar that is adjustable and won't allow them to escape. Head collars are acceptable if you currently use them.

NO RETRACTABLE LEADS! NO CHAIN LEADS. Any type of flat lead is all you need between 5 and 6 feet in length. The lighter your leash, the better. 

When you arrive at the park, you'll be required to sign a waiver that acknowledges that you're responsible for your dog. This is standard. I will help you learn how to control them.