Board and Train Program

Board your dog with the option of training for just $75/day.

We area a PACFA certified facility, inspected by the state of Colorado. All dogs are given enrichment activities, playtime, leash walks, snacks, and taken care of as if they were our own pets. Every effort is made to help shy dogs, work with reactive dogs, and allow well-socialized dogs the opportunity to play in small groups. We do not take hundreds of dogs for boarding like some facilities do. We are small and intend to remain that way. Dogs are giving individual attention, contact with humans, and interacted with every single day. Not all dogs do well in those environments, but if your dog is used to love and attention, this is the place for them! 

Boarding Alone Is Just $25/day!!

Items From Home

Each dog can have items from home and will have their own totes labeled with their things. They may have approved things in their crate with them, as long as these items are deemed safe. These items would include Kong toys that are stuffed with a treat during down time between training sessions and nap times.


Absolutely no stuffed toys, soft items that can be chewed on or small items that can be choking hazards. You may provide a sleeping mat for the crate, only if this is a chew-proof bed. You may purchase one from us, with a week's prior notice. This bed can be used to teach them "place" and would come home with them if you make arrangements for us to order one for them prior to their stay. 


All dogs will be given "down times" to be alone, with treats that may include "knuckle bones" for their enrichment. We recommend these as they are a softer bone that will not dull or break their teeth. These generally still have fat and some tissue on them that provide nutrients, as well. If your dog has allergies, please let us know ahead of time. 

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