10-Session Aggression Modification


We will work with your aggressive dog, no matter how aggressive they've become. They need help! We do not use prong collars or shock collars designed to suppress behavior rather than teach and rehabilitate. We also do not choke the dogs until they are exhaused. We will work with the dog to help them understand they are in no danger (especially when they are fear aggressive--as most are). We will correct them for bad behavior, but not in a way that is painful or excessive. We TEACH. Sometimes, what we need to teach is that you cannot make me leave your space when you behave that way, so we are calmly going to ignore the lunging and barking until we can counter condition. When other trainers want to use aversive methods, like shock collars, they can make the situation much worse in the end because they are not effectively retraining the dog, they are actually reinforcing that pain and bullying is the way to get what you want. This is not productive or mentally healthy for the dog. We can show you scientific date that proves that these methods cause elevated cortisol levels in the dog (stress hormones) that make conditions worse, not better. The videos you see of exhausted dogs that stop fighting are because they are out of breath and shut down because the prong collars hurt them or the shock collars hurt them--not because they've learned anything different. They're shut down in defeat. That means it (the aggression) is still there. They often get worse in time, not better. It can become random and unexpected in the future, which is more dangerous. Seek REAL behavioral modification if you want lasting change and continual progress.